Welcome to Unwavering Fable! I’m Elizabeth and I’m all about family. My own family is pretty fabulous and I share stories about our life here. I try to keep them as truthful as possible (without dismissing the hard, but focusing on the wonderful), hence the name: Unwavering Fable.

I really adore other families, too.

I love the process of making families. I’ve learned quite a bit about the process during my struggles with infertility, miscarriage, and–finally, joyfully–pregnancy! I’m fascinated by pregnancy, healthy living, and natural birth, and am learning about becoming a doula!

I love learning about raising families. I believe there are many ways to parent a child, but many principles and practices will benefit children regardless of parenting style. I research constantly about discipline, educational philosophies, parenting styles, and all things child development. I worked as a child life specialist for nearly ten years, and am invested in building our community through strong families and intentional parenting.

I stay home with my daughter and learn directly from my sample size of one. I write about pregnancy, parenthood, and family life. I believe family is a gift to be cherished through intentional practices, simple living, and ongoing learning. I’d love to know more about you and your family, and encourage you with our family’s story!