5 Tips for Creating Beautiful Photo Books

Find a system/platform and stick with it. I've used Blurb Booksmart since my very first photo album I created for our wedding. Seven years seems like ages! There have been times I've been tempted by a new system or coupon codes for another company, but at the end of the day I want my books to… Continue reading 5 Tips for Creating Beautiful Photo Books

Friday Five: #8

So many favorites this week! Choosing five seemed nearly impossible, but I did it! What are you loving this week? Family bike rides! After our bikes were stolen out of our garage at Thanksgiving I got super sad; fortunately we were able to save up and buy new ones, plus a tiny seat for little… Continue reading Friday Five: #8

A First Birthday Party!

Over the weekend we celebrated my daughter's first birthday party with family and friends. It was such a lovely celebration of a first year. A first year as parents. A first year of joy. A first year of learning so much. I'm beyond grateful for the gift of our daughter, and the wonderful community of… Continue reading A First Birthday Party!

Easter Basket for a 1-year-old

One of the things I most look forward to as a wife and mother is creating traditions for my family. Traditions have been of utmost importance to me my whole life; my faith has a heavy emphasis on tradition and my parents also raised me to honor tradition. Some traditions are big and important, and… Continue reading Easter Basket for a 1-year-old

All The Philosophies

I'm a bit of a dabbler when it comes to philosophies and styles and theories of education and development. I read a lot, but I'm unable to choose just one. I love Erikson because his ideas about an identity struggle at each stage of life makes so much sense to me. As infants we're struggling… Continue reading All The Philosophies

Traveling: Pittsburgh

Last weekend my my sister, mother, daughter, and I traveled to Pittsburgh to visit my other sister for a girl's weekend! Sister was a lovely hostess, and we so enjoyed exploring the city and spending time together. There's nothing like watching your child develop relationships with the people you love; makes me love them all… Continue reading Traveling: Pittsburgh

4 Favorite Things on Anna Maria Island

In January we took a family vacation to Anna Maria Island. We rented a house in Holmes Beach with two other families with little kiddos. I cannot recommend this enough for those of you with small children who would still like to go on fun vacations. Gather up a few of your favorite friends and… Continue reading 4 Favorite Things on Anna Maria Island

Morning Routines

I recently discovered this website and it's something my nerdy self can get behind. I don't think I'm unusual--but maybe I am!--in my love of seeing behind the curtain into the lives of others. These little stories of other people's morning routines fascinate me. They've catalogued over 200 morning routines and divided them into categories.… Continue reading Morning Routines

5 Ways to Prepare Older Siblings for a New Baby

The best ways to prepare siblings for the arrival of a new baby will depend on their age, their personality, and other family factors, but these five ideas can be adapted easily! 1. Give them a job. Engaging children in the arrival of a new baby is a strong foundation for creating a positive relationship… Continue reading 5 Ways to Prepare Older Siblings for a New Baby