Favorite Parenting Resources

Before I became a mother, there were many things I thought I'd never do or many I knew I would always do. Just as in marriage, "never" and "always" are not the best words to use. One of the things I knew I would never do was let my child go around with a booger-encrusted… Continue reading Favorite Parenting Resources

All The Philosophies

I'm a bit of a dabbler when it comes to philosophies and styles and theories of education and development. I read a lot, but I'm unable to choose just one. I love Erikson because his ideas about an identity struggle at each stage of life makes so much sense to me. As infants we're struggling… Continue reading All The Philosophies

5 Ways to Prepare Older Siblings for a New Baby

The best ways to prepare siblings for the arrival of a new baby will depend on their age, their personality, and other family factors, but these five ideas can be adapted easily! 1. Give them a job. Engaging children in the arrival of a new baby is a strong foundation for creating a positive relationship… Continue reading 5 Ways to Prepare Older Siblings for a New Baby