Pregnancy & Childbirth Resources • Grand Rapids, MI

Resources in our Grand Rapids community (and online) that I have found so helpful for pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond! Acupuncture • Janice Brinkerhoff – Holistic Care Approach 616.361.9221 Birth Photography • Brooke Collier Photography 616.821.1097 Breastfeeding Support Group • Grand Rapids Breastfeeding Support Group Car Seat Education & Safety •SafeKids Greater Grand Rapids 616.391.SAFE… Continue reading Pregnancy & Childbirth Resources • Grand Rapids, MI


4 Favorites for Pregnancy

Reflecting back on pregnancy makes me flinch sometimes. I had a relatively easy pregnancy without major complications or issues. At 30 years, I wasn't too old and not very young during pregnancy with my daughter. Despite this, I found pregnancy to be tough on my body. Yes, God made our bodies beautifully and wonderfully and… Continue reading 4 Favorites for Pregnancy

Reflections on One Year & Infertility

My baby turned one. My baby. The one I dreamed of for years. The one I longed for through heartache and loss. I couldn't know back then that my baby would one day be. She would be one. She would be ours. As I peed on sticks and bought more tampons, I didn't know she… Continue reading Reflections on One Year & Infertility

Resource Spotlight: Mama Natural Birth Course

In preparation for the birth of my daughter I registered for our hospital birth course and also purchased the Mama Natural Birth Course. I have read Mama Natural's (Genevieve) blog and watched her videos for years; I love her insights on natural living, parenting, and giving birth. I was thrilled when she released her birth course… Continue reading Resource Spotlight: Mama Natural Birth Course

5 Ways to Prepare Older Siblings for a New Baby

The best ways to prepare siblings for the arrival of a new baby will depend on their age, their personality, and other family factors, but these five ideas can be adapted easily! 1. Give them a job. Engaging children in the arrival of a new baby is a strong foundation for creating a positive relationship… Continue reading 5 Ways to Prepare Older Siblings for a New Baby