The Mom Myth

There is a pervasive mom myth exploding the internet, and I have fallen prey to it. The myth is this: that motherhood is the hardest thing ever. Now, before you start slinging accusations or reminding me of my one child or pointing to the fact that I've only been doing this mothering gig for fifteen… Continue reading The Mom Myth

My Bullet Journal Setup

I first learned of bullet journals at the end of last summer. I knew immediately that this was the system for me, and quickly shoved my standard planner with complicated color codes and scribbled post-its aside. I love starting things new and fresh and wanted to wait to start til 2017, but I knew I… Continue reading My Bullet Journal Setup

Morning Routines

I recently discovered this website and it's something my nerdy self can get behind. I don't think I'm unusual--but maybe I am!--in my love of seeing behind the curtain into the lives of others. These little stories of other people's morning routines fascinate me. They've catalogued over 200 morning routines and divided them into categories.… Continue reading Morning Routines