Our time in Lebanon was beautiful and slow and full of things that are so different from our life in America and things that are the same as life in America. We ate and slept and played and walked and even worked a tiny bit in our family's bookstore. We saw gorgeous views of the… Continue reading Lebanon


Traveling: Pittsburgh

Last weekend my my sister, mother, daughter, and I traveled to Pittsburgh to visit my other sister for a girl's weekend! Sister was a lovely hostess, and we so enjoyed exploring the city and spending time together. There's nothing like watching your child develop relationships with the people you love; makes me love them all… Continue reading Traveling: Pittsburgh

4 Favorite Things on Anna Maria Island

In January we took a family vacation to Anna Maria Island. We rented a house in Holmes Beach with two other families with little kiddos. I cannot recommend this enough for those of you with small children who would still like to go on fun vacations. Gather up a few of your favorite friends and… Continue reading 4 Favorite Things on Anna Maria Island