Friday Five: #16

All the wonderful things this week! Helping welcome my dear friends' sweet baby girl! I'm a little bit obsessed with creating and maintaining habits and I loved this inspiration for daily and monthly habit-creating! Creating a little art space in our home for daughter; love this space already and can't wait to see how it evolves! Trying… Continue reading Friday Five: #16

Friday Five: #14

Time for all our favorites! Reading Mama Natural's pregnancy guide and loving it! (spoiler alert: I bought her online birth course and truly feel that's what helped me give birth more naturally) A really phenomenal read about creating a beautiful and rich environment for your young child Montessori-style! Visiting the monastery. A perfect reminder that our seemingly… Continue reading Friday Five: #14

Pregnancy & Childbirth Resources • Grand Rapids, MI

Resources in our Grand Rapids community (and online) that I have found so helpful for pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond! Acupuncture • Janice Brinkerhoff – Holistic Care Approach 616.361.9221 Birth Photography • Brooke Collier Photography 616.821.1097 Breastfeeding Support Group • Grand Rapids Breastfeeding Support Group Car Seat Education & Safety •SafeKids Greater Grand Rapids 616.391.SAFE… Continue reading Pregnancy & Childbirth Resources • Grand Rapids, MI

4 Favorites for Pregnancy

Reflecting back on pregnancy makes me flinch sometimes. I had a relatively easy pregnancy without major complications or issues. At 30 years, I wasn't too old and not very young during pregnancy with my daughter. Despite this, I found pregnancy to be tough on my body. Yes, God made our bodies beautifully and wonderfully and… Continue reading 4 Favorites for Pregnancy