Friday Five: #20

It's Friday again! What did you love this week? We hosted friends from out of town and did so many fun Grand Rapids things! Feeding animals and visiting playgrounds was our major theme. Apple picking at the orchard! We are fortunate to live in close proximity to multiple orchards, so we'll be making several visits this… Continue reading Friday Five: #20


Friday Five: #13

Favorites! Picking strawberries and making jam! We picked at Krupp Farm, which was a marvelous location. Delivering jam to my grandparents who made it for my family for so many years was extra special. Giving my husband a year of dates for father's day. Oh yes, I did. I realize that it's a gift for both of… Continue reading Friday Five: #13

Friday Five: #10

What are your five favorite things this week? Let's go! Really enjoyed reading this; my developmental psych professor in college stressed this point with us as well. Good enough. The peonies are back! #Pentecostflower Starting a new photo project with my sister: #acrossthelakesisters Smoothie time! Our favorite afternoon snack: frozen banana, yogurt, milk, berries, spinach,… Continue reading Friday Five: #10

Friday Five: #9

Five favorites for this week? Read on! Using The Sweethome has been the best! I love buying a product that I feel confident in without having to do hours of research. So far, we've gotten a mop, a bike lock, and popsicle molds on their recommendation. We have not been disappointed. Reading some good thoughts… Continue reading Friday Five: #9